Tolmin & surroundings

De enthousiaste Beri rivier.


There are many beautiful waterfalls in the area of Tolmin.

We visit Slap Boka. You can stop in the neighborhood and after a short walk you can see the waterfall in the distance. We did not go any further than this, I was a bit hot and my owners wanted to be in the hotel on time.

Slap Kozjak is also on our list. Not very easy to get there, also a bit busier, but once you're there, it's worth it.

Slap Beri is the least touristy and the best of all. My owners have to search through Google Maps how to get there. Once we park the car in a deserted village, we walk to the waterfall. It is a nice walk where I can run off the leash all the time. We do not meet anyone else.

Slap Sopota is equally recommended. Here too we are alone and the owners decide to cool off with me in the water!

Most Na Soci

Most Na Soci is a very big lake. You can kayak here. We visit this lake in the evening, so I can’t tell you if dogs are allowed in the kayak. My bossies find a place where I can cool off for before they get a nice meal at Penzion Sterk. This is a fancy restaurant, but I’m allowed on the terrace.

Het Most Na Soci meer.
De kloof van Tolmin is een prachtige bezienswaardigheid waar het rustig vertoeven is.

Tolmin Gorges

We depart on time and arrive early. It is still nice and quiet in the gorges. I can go in and even get a cookie from the friendly lady at the entrance. The gorges are incredibly beautiful! The water is so clear that I often can’t control myself to try and jump in. Fortunately, there are a number of places where I can cool off in the fresh water.


There are several places where you can go into the river. Sometimes my bossies search a little longer to find a calm place where no one else goes. For me the stream is a bit scary, but I give it my best shot to save my owners when I think they are going to far in and risk to drown.

A nice place to lay on the water and take a dip is at Maya’s. Maya is a company that organizes fun outdoor activities. My owners have done a canyoning trip with them. They were so enthusiastic that I was a bit jealous that I was not allowed to join. Be sure to check out their website for other fun activities. They are super friendly people and they have a nice terrace.

Viervoeter in de koude Soca rivier. De stroming is iets te hard om er gerust in te zwemmen.
Het mooie en verre uitzicht vanop Kolovrat, een buitenmuseum.


We are not big fans of museums, but in this open-air museum I can join and we see relics of the trenches of WW I. The environment is very beautiful, we make a nice walk in and around the museum. The view is magnificent. I'm on the leash almost all the time.