To Slovenia

Uitzicht op het grote Millstätter meer. Hele mooie omgeving.

Under way

Stopover 1 Wonneberg (DE)

We stay at Landgasthof Schweizerhof. I am welcome on the terrace, but I am not allowed inside the restaurant. After dinner we make a nice walk in the neighbourhood. There is enough room for me to rant. At night it is very warm in the lodging and the window does not open far enough.

Stopover 2

We stop in Austria at the Millstätter See. My owners are looking for a calm place to get closer to the water. Here I’m able take a dip. The many rocks, however, stop me from going really wild. Nevertheless, the cold water is very welcome.

After the splash we look for a nice terrace. Too bad we can’t stay here any longer. The environment is very beautiful.

We drive further and sleep in the quiet Pensione Natura.

Laghi Du Fusine

Recommended by our hotel owner, we made a detour towards Italy. Here we visited this beautiful lake! We arrived early, so I had enough time and space to walk around and take a dip. We walked around the entire upper lake and then enjoyed the good local terrace.

Prachtig blauw water aan het Laghi Di Fusine op de grens Italië-Slovenië.
De kloof van Tolmin is een prachtige bezienswaardigheid waar het rustig vertoeven is.

Tolmin & surroundings

We stay 4 nights in Sobe Silva, highly recommended. We explore the area extensively and see the most beautiful river, waterfalls, mountains, views, gorges ... I can take a splash in the often cold water but it is very refreshing. I am always welcome on the terrace.


Bled & Bohinj

Bossy drives the car on the train and we go through the mountains towards Bohinj and Bled. My owners find it very exciting, I just take a nap on the back seat.

After the train ride, which saves us a lot of time, we go with the gondola to Mount Vogel. I can go with them if my owners sign that they are responsible for me. We make a nice walk here. There are some other people, so I have to be a bit more on the leash. On top you have a nice view of the Bohinj lake.

In Bled it is very busy and touristy. We also find it difficult to park and drive to a higher area where we have a nice view of the lake. We sit comfortably on the terrace until the wasps come. I want to chase them away, but one of them stangs me in my lip. Fortunately, I do not swallow anyone and it is quickly resolved with some ice.

According to our insta-friends Biju and Yuma, you should definitely go for a drink in Vila Preseren when you are in Bled. They have good service and they are very dog friendly!

Het uitzicht op het Bohinj-meer vanuit Mount Vogel.
De Franciscaanse kerk in Ljubljana op de achtergrond.


It is so hot here that I do not mind running on the leash regularly. I can often play in a parc with a local four-legged friend. Dogs and people are very friendly here. On the terraces I am more then welcome and they often offer me water.

I go shopping with the owners and get also spoiled in the "PAPY store". Ljubljana is a very nice city with good food and drinks for the owners.

Slovenian Coast

My owners want to visit the caves in Postojna on their way to the coast. This is the most tourist attraction that we see throughout Slovenia. While the owners go into the caves, I can wait for them with a friendly man in a big kennel.

On the coast we stay in a very nice Airbnb in Portoroz. I can go anywhere on the terrace and at Club Alaya is even a place where I can go into the sea together with the owners.

Haven van Piran aan de Sloveense kust.
De mooie Lipizaners die een plekje onder de bomen van Lipica zoeken.


Since my mom is a big horse lover, we made a stop in Lipica. Here is a big Lipizzaner stud. The domain is very large and I can enter while kept on a leash. A number of places are forbidden territory for me such as the practice track where the horses are ridden. No problem: mom and dad stay alternately outside with me. You can also eat something on a terrace. The service is not what it should be. All in all this is a nice stopover, especially for horse lovers.

Logarska Dolina

It is so beautiful in the Logar Valley!!! We stay at Farmhouse Štiftar. Very nice, neat residence with a super breakfast where mainly local products are used.

Day 1 we take a walk to Slap Rinka, a beautiful waterfall in the neighborhood. The temperature is very pleasant, so we decide to go a bit further. A bit becomes a lot and we arrive at the mountain hut "Frischaufov dom na Okrešlju". The view is magnificent. My owners eat a nice soup and drink a fresh beer before we start the journey downhill. It is a challenging walk where my owner is often a bit worried. No worries, I get through everything safely ….!

Day 2 we make a mini-road trip in the neighborhood. We drive on the most beautiful mountain roads. It is very desolate here (most GPS don’t know about this road), so we can stop regularly and enjoy the views. In the afternoon we eat a local specialty on the terrace with a farmer.

Uitzicht op de Kamnik-Savinja Alpen.
Gezellig pleintje in Ptuj, tijdens een lokaal foodtruck-festival.

On our way to the East

We make a stopover in "Šmartinsko Jezero". A beautiful, large lake where you can make a nice walk. It is still early, so it is very quiet. The next stopover we make is in the charming village of Ptuj. We are lucky because there is some kind of food truck festival that day. We find a nice spot on the local plaza. My bossies eat very tasty things and talk to the locals.

The Eastern wine region

We stay in "Turistična kmetija Dervarič". The owners are super friendly and helpful. We get a private tour in their wine cellar and my bossies can taste their delicious wines. Of course they take a stock home. The breakfast is very tasty.

We drive around in the area and stop at a number of wineries. My bossies taste a fair amount of different wines. The people in the eastern part of Slovenia are less dog-friendly. I am allowed on the most terraces, but inside is forbidden area!

We get a golden tip from our hotel boss. In the neighborhood is an old quarry: "Kamenšnica Babinci" which is now is a large lake. We drive through dirt roads to get there. It is nice and quiet here and we enjoy the dive.

Wijngaarden in de buurt van Jeruzalem, Slovenië.

Google Maps

On the map you see most of our stops. You will find tips from us and tips that the owner has found on other websites. Also handy to navigate on the go.

Do you know other cool places? Let me know, please!

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