To Mayrhofen


On the way!

Stopover Hosbach

We drive a while and stop at Gerber-hotel. Here a basket, a drink and food bowl and a candy are waiting for me. What a great welcome!

In the restaurant next door I am allowed inside and I get a nice bowl of water. The vacation has started!!

Gasthof Waldcafé

My owners booked this hotel through Boardfever. The rooms are very spacious. The hotel owner is a very big dog friend and I can always join my folks in the restaurant. When I'm too tired, I just stay in the room. Just like when my bossies go snowboarding. They always come back on time so that we can do something fun together.

Eating out & drinking

Mo's Esscafé + Music room

My good friend Wokke is also with us and here we can both go inside and on the terrace. Our owners eat tasty burgers here.

Manni's pizza

Here we stay well behaved under the table while everybody eats delicious pizza.

On the mountain


With the Penkenbahn we get on top of the mountain and we go après-skiing. We can sit inside, where there is a quieter place for us.,There is also a large terrace, but it’s full when we arrive.

After the après-ski I can play in the snow in front of the Pilzbar.

White lounge

We go up with the Ahornbahn. Then my folks take a moving carpet, a weird sliding thing, so I walk next to it. In the igloo it is cozy. There is enough space outside to play in the snow.

In the foothill we stay for a while on the terrace of the Ahornhütte.



On the last boardingday my owners want to go to the glacier. They want to take me and park in the underground garage. Unfortunately, we leave far too late, so the garage is already full. They bring me back to the hotel and drive back, so that they can board. Stupid plan ...

On the way

We stop in Lenggries for a nice walk at the Sylvensteinsee. There is still some snow and I can also play in the water. I meet a kindly local friend and play with him some more.



Uncle Kaj lives in Munich and we visit him on our way back home. I’m not allowed in the Irish pub or in the restaurant Bellevue. Fortunately, the weather is nice and I am welcome on their terrace.

I can travel on public transport for free. I already know the bus, the subway and tram not yet but they make so much noise. Fortunately, it is better if I am on it, but to  hear and feel them coming is very scary.

We visit the English Garten, the Mariënplatz, the Alter Botanischer Garten ... Unfortunately, there are no shops open on Sundays, so we do plenty of terraces.

A lot of dogs live in Munich and the owners find many parks and trash cans with poop bags.