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Practical tips

In England you have to pay almost everywhere for your parking spot. Do not forget to take a ticket and always make sure you have enough change.

At many parking lots you will find public toilets and these are usually really clean.

Do not be afraid of driving left. Mom says that driving your own car on the left is a bit easier then a rental car. Make sure you have an attentive co-pilot, an extra pair of eyes can often be useful.

The English are crazy about roundabouts. Pay attention when you do not have someone driving in front of you, otherwise just follow (and don't forget to look for yourself ofcourse!)

In the UK, it is always clear who has priority.

Be sure to check out the National Trust website! Here you will find beautiful places with all necessary information.

Englishmen are very friendly! Do not hesitate to ask for tips.

We booked our overnight stays only through Airbnb. Click here and get 30.00 EUR discount on your first Airbnb stay.

Dog tips

Dogs are not welcome on every beach. Yet you will find many places where we are allowed. Check the signs or search the internet for info like on this website.

We can also go inside in most pubs. In doubt, ask it. We often get our bowl of water before our owners get their pints.

The English are happy to keep their dogs close to them, so an enthusiastic dog like me who wants to say hello all the time can better be calm down.

There are quite a few places where your four-legged friend can walk off leash. But often a walking path runs through a pasture with cattle. Then we better walk on the leash. Let the owners take a pull-out line with them, so their woof will have a bit of a "free" feeling.

There are many nice pet stores in England. Be sure to visit a number of them. They often have slightly more original items than in Belgium.

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Google Maps

View the preparation of our trip via Google Maps. You will find both our own tips and travel tips that my pawrents have found on other websites and travel guides. Also useful as a guide to navigate on the go. Unfortunately we did not have the time to visit all these places, but most of them have been approved by us.

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