To Cornwall

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Lizard point

The whole environment around Lizard Point is magnificent. We walk a long way from the South West Coast Path in a westerly direction and get the most beautiful views. The walk is a bit on and off, but is certainly doable. I can walk off the leash regularly and we get to a beach where I make a splash.

At Lizard Point you have a number of nice shops and terraces. At Wavecrest you can drink delicious ginger beer with a beautiful view!

Portheras Cove

We park the car a bit off the beach in a quiet parking lot and notice that we have to descend a bit.

Portheras Cove is a blissful sandy beach where dogs are allowed. I love it and immediately I start digging a deep hole. The environment is beautiful, the water is very clear, the sun is shining so we have a blast. Do not forget to bring a snack and a drink, because it is a bit abandoned here.

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Geevor Tin mine

We hear from many people that you must have experienced a sunset on a beach in Cornwall. Our timing is not that perfect that night and we have to hurry. Accidentally we eat in the Trewellard Arms and through some research my pawrents find this old tin mine very close. During the day you apparently have to pay entrance to visit this, but in the evening there is almost no one. Mom can park very close and we see immediately that the sun is already going down.

Forget the sunset on the beach and visit this hidden gem. You will not find a more unique place to enjoy the sunset.


We have a double feeling after visiting Mousehole. I am not welcome on the beach, which is OK because there are plenty of other beaches where I can romp. But I can’t come on the quay either. For us this is a bit strange, since cars are allowed to park there.

As we discover the village more, we become more enthusiastic: nice shops, cozy dog-friendly terraces and narrow streets. Still worth a visit.


Cape Cornwall

The locals advise us to visit Cape Cornwall instead of Land's End. Cape Cornwall is easily accessible and there is a nice parking lot with a cozy caravan that has been transformed into a bar. Be sure to try a nice brownie or cake.

It is only a short walk to the extreme (furthest) point where you have a very nice view. You can walk a little extra in the neighborhood. I can’t walk off leash often because my mom is afraid I will fall off the steep cliffs.

St Ives

St Ives is a slightly larger coastal town with more shops. A must do for a few hours of shopping, especially if you like surf shops. Stop regularly for a drink in one of the many cozy pubs. Be sure to try some oysters that they sell in a stall in Fore Street, as they are very tasty.

Within a short walking distance you can also visit the beach and you will find many seafood restaurants.

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Harlyn beach

The owners really want to go kayaking with me. After some research they found a good kayak spot: The Harlyn Surf School. I love water, but the sea still scares me. I'm not used to the waves and the salt. In the beginning I’m shaking my stress off, but the owners reassure me and my feeling gets better. They practice some more with me to jump in and out of the kayak, but I feel much better on the beach. We kayak to a remote beach where I can run off all the stress.

After our kayak adventure we stay on the beach for a while. Here children & dogs, surfers, swimmers and kayakers are welcome.

Google Maps

View the preparation of our trip via Google Maps. You will find both our own tips and travel tips that my pawrents have found on other websites and travel guides. Also useful as a guide to navigate on the go. Unfortunately we did not have the time to visit all these places, but most of them have been approved by us.


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