Vedette Pup

Onze aanpak

Who am I?

Vedette is the name! Yes, I am named after one of the favourite beers of my owners and sometimes I am also a vedette. On July 9, 2016, I came into the world. My mum is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and my dad is an Australian shepherd.

I like to be close to my owners and often travel with them. Meanwhile I am a real traveldog! I do not care where we go. Preferably somewhere where it is not too hot and where I can walk around. When it’s hot we also search for lakes and rivers to cool down. I am not a real seal, but I regularly like to swim after a stick. I am always there for snow fun too!

I like being in the car. On long journeys, the back seat is my spot, where the owners always click me safely into the belt. I usually take a nap then. We stop regularly to stretch our legs. When we arrive at our destination, I usually sleep in my own familiar bench, just like at home.

My owners have tried to train me as good as possible. They quickly took me to the dog school Muizenheide. Here I learned the most commands quickly. After I was in the highest group, we wanted something else and tried "Agility". We love this and are now training as much as possible.

I have a soft character, but I want to play the boss. If others do not behave, I make this very clear, which sometimes leads to a conflict.

Ons verhaal

Who are my owners?

Hans and Alice take care of me every day. As you already know, they like to go on holidays. Traveling is their passion and before me they visited several countries: South Africa, Canada, the South Coast of America, Ireland, Portugal ... Snowboarding is their favorite activity on winter holidays. Since I came into their lives, they mostly go by car so that they can take me with them. I can also go with them on winter holidays!

Mum started this website because she is always looking for tips and ideas when she takes me on vacation. Hopefully you will find inspiration here to go on your next holiday with your four-legged friend.

She is certainly not an expert in dog behavior or holiday destinations, but you can always contact her when you have questions. She is always open for tips and they are more than welcome!

Zeeland Wij